Jake GlazePersonal Training:

All Personal Training is purchased and scheduled directly with Jake and not sold on this website.
Contact Jake Glaze Fitness 619-884-5517 or email getfit@glazefitness.com

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Jake Glaze Personal Training

  • Motivation (We provide enthusiasm, Passion, consistency, structure, accountability, and FUN)
  • Education and Experience (Jake Glaze got Certified after college in 1998, Thats 17 Years of work in the trenches, Proven results and clients for over 13 years!!)
  • Individualized Program (specific training for a sport, or need to work around injuries)
  • Efficiency (stop wasting time and start getting results)
  • Improve Technical Skills (getting the individual focus that group programs can’t provide)
  • You are new to exercise (not sure how to workout properly, don’t know how to get started, you don’t want to get injured)
  • Break Through Plateaus (We got you covered! need a new way to train, want to be pushed like never before, boared with the same old routine)
  • Workout Safely (We can push you and know when to pull you back, Correcting your form and designing a workout program to get you safe affective results)
  • Tired of Big Box Gyms (I train in a true private training environment with all the latest and Greatest tools of the trade! I create the best training evnironment for each client)
  • GET RESULTS!! (If your looking to lose weight or Improve strength, endurance and/or conditioning in a Awesome fun Atmosphere look no further!!

Private Training Rates/ Packages: By Appointment only.

  • 1-4 sessions $80 per session
  • 5-8 sessions $75 per session
  • 9-16 sessions $70 per session
  • **Commit to Personal Training Long term and get the best rate $65 per session

Partner Training Rates/ Packages : All Sessions appointments must be committed to by each Partner.

  • 1-4 sessions $95 Shared ($47.5 each per session)
  • 5-8 sessions $90 Shared ($45 each per session)
  • 9-16 sessions $85 Shared ($42.5 each per session)
  • **Commit to Partner Training Long Term and get the best rate $80 per session ($40 each per session)

Small Group Training offered :

Please contact Jake Glaze Fitness for Scheduling and rates
619-884-5517 or email getfit@glazefitness.com